1st Principle Group provides a unique, Gospel-centered approach to counseling, coaching, and training for the specific needs of each client.

At 1st Principle Group, we believe that the Gospel changes everything. Therefore, we choose to approach healing and growth through the lens of the Gospel, trusting in God’s redemptive work in our clients’ (and our own) lives. We also recognize that each client is unique, with different personalities, experiences, and struggles. Instead of offering a general approach to our services, we aim to understand our clients’ specific needs in order to better meet those needs.

Our name, 1st Principle Group, is based upon the premise that Jesus Christ is to be the first principle in our lives, just as He is the first principle in all of creation (Colossians 1:15-20). We aim to base our whole selves—beliefs, attitudes, and actions—on Him. At 1st Principle, we seek to live out of this truth and help our clients heal, grow and excel, while also advancing the Kingdom at home and at work.

Founded in Charlotte, NC, we moved our office to the North Druid Hills area of Atlanta, GA, in 2010. 1st Principle serves clients locally and globally, through face-to-face interaction and online networking resources.  We have a network of coaches and counselors whose passion and purpose is to serve you.  

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