Coaching is about growth. We partner with clients who are stuck in an area of life and/or have a goal they want to accomplish and help them move forward from there.

We provide a variety of coaching services, including:

Life Coaching

Life coaching revolves around the idea of helping people reach their full potential. Life coaching aims to help clients move towards future-oriented goals by providing insight, promoting a higher level of functioning, and focusing on solutions.

Call & Design

  • Students – You are considering what college to attend or maybe you are already there.  Wouldn’t you want to know what you were meant to do?  Think of all the courses you would save if you only knew ahead of time.  Think of how much more fun learning would be if your courses had a purpose that was truly you! We offer Call & Design Coaching to narrow in on your interests, passions, personality, skills, and more.
  • Post-Graduate – We spend so much time at work or doing work-related activities. Yet studies show that many find their jobs are passionless and purposeless, a drudgery. Wouldn’t you love to bounce out of bed every morning, eager to get to the office? Wouldn’t you like to know what you’re truly meant to do? If you’re already doing what you love, let’s take it to the next level: Wouldn’t you like to know how you’re designed to make the most of your passion? Imagine spending at least 80 percent of your day in your strike zone. We offer Call & Design coaching tailored to exploring your best fit in the professional realm based on interests, personality, experiences, passions, and skills. We come alongside and help you make a more informed decision moving forward.

Laser Coaching

Laser coaching is a shorter, more concise form of coaching where each session lasts 30 minutes. In these laser sessions, we narrow in and get to the heart of core roadblocks and goals while providing valuable insights. This format requires both clients and coaches to be focused and present, willing to directly engage in the most relevant and important topic. When this happens, laser coaching can be instrumental in offering efficient and enlightening coaching that boosts personal and professional growth.