Training is focused on gaining knowledge, insight, and wisdom while understanding how to apply it to your life. We offer seminars and workshops in counseling, coaching, and leadership. We also offer a variety of tailored training programs.

Counseling Trainings/Facilitations:

  • Disordered Worships: The Perils of Online Addiction
  • Fighting to be One: How to Resolve Conflict
  • My Marriage Matters
  • Living from Your Strengths

Team Development Trainings/Facilitations:

  • Developing a Flexible Leadership Style
  • High Performing Teams
  • Emotional Intelligence: The Number One Skill To Develop To Advance
  • How to Increase Engagement Regardless of Circumstance
  • How to Develop Professional Development Plans

Other Training Programs:

  • Introduction to Gospel-Centered Counseling
  • Pornography Recovery Training for Ministry Leaders
  • 1PG Core Coaching Certification Program

To see how our training programs align with your organization or to book us for a speaking engagement, please email us at