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Gospel-Centered Sexuality: Fostering a Healthy Dialogue on Sex

breaking the silenceWe’ve been silent. We - as followers of Christ, as parents, as pastors and influential leaders – we’ve been silent on the topic of sex.

We've been silent in teaching our children the purposes and beauty of sex. Silent in our personal sexual struggles. Silent in supporting singles in the Church as they navigate sexual desires. Silent in even our own questions surrounding the topic of sex.

And by staying silent, we miss out. We miss out on laying a Gospel-centered foundation for the body of Christ to better understand sex.

This silence has occurred for a number of reasons. I get it. Talking about sex is tough. We have grown up in a culture that tremendously misunderstands it, which leads to feelings of discomfort, shame, fear, and confusion.

Maybe we feel ill-equipped as leaders. Maybe we feel awkward and long to protect ourselves from embarrassment. Or maybe we are unaware of our role in the matter. Those feelings are normal and valid. But I'm inviting you to come with the thoughts and questions and feelings you have about sex, and join me in breaking the silence.

Creating a Dialogue

I believe that it is crucial to utilize the influence that parents, pastors, and leaders can have in redeeming sex for the Church. What if, by speaking up and pressing in, we began to see marriages strengthen in intimacy and connection? What if we began to see shame replaced with freedom and healing? What if we began to empower singles to honor their purity? What if we began to see people understand God in a deeper way? What if we began to more fully worship God through sex?

I believe it is possible. And it starts with us. It starts with followers of Christ rising up and redeeming sex for its innate purpose: a tool to worship God for the goal of his glory.


Join me in fostering a healthy dialogue on sex.


We are beginning a weekly e-newsletter to offer Gospel-centered sexual education to empower, equip, and support you. Some topics will include: how to talk to your children about sex, singles and sexuality, pornography addiction, and understanding our theology of sex.

Each Thursday morning, this newsletter will provide you with insight, tools, and support on the topic of sex. My goal is to empower you, the body of Christ, to foster an open, healthy dialogue on sex in your own influential realms – whether that’s in your congregation or in the quiet moments of your home. My ultimate goal is to see God’s name worshiped more fully as we understand, protect, and steward his gift of sexuality.

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