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Why Chiropractic Care?

  As I mentioned in my last blog, I had never planned on visiting a chiropractor. In fact, I had only heard negative things about chiropractic care. As a child, I remember hearing a doctor tell my mother that she was never, in any circumstance, to allow a chiropractor to touch her back.  It scared me.  But, in my desperation to alleviate the pain I was in, I went to a chiropractor and he was able to help my sad, tired back!

10 Reasons to See a Chiropractor

So, why should you consider seeking out a good chiropractor?

1.  Enhanced nerve function.

2.  Relief from tension and stress disorders.

3.  Enhanced posture

4.  Enhanced organ function

5.  Head Aches, Ear Infections, Asthma, Blood Pressure

6.  Arthritis and joint pain

7.  Neck Pain

8.  Improved immune system

9.  Better Sleep

10.  Chiropractic care is often times less expensive and better at prevention than having surgery.

These are just 10 good reasons to see a chiropractor.  Did you know that for 30 minutes after an adjustment, your immune system ramps up and fights off any illness you might have?  This is why when you are sick and you get adjusted, you will sometimes spike a fever very quickly. The adjustment has reminded your immune system to power up and fight!  Did you know that you often feel sleepy after an adjustment?  When our spines are aligned, all of our nerves can function properly and our body can relax because everything is doing its job.

And adults are not the only ones who should be seen!  Babies need adjusting, toddlers need adjusting, kids need adjusting…..every age needs it.  The benefits for infant adjustments are amazing.  The birthing process is incredibly taxing on a newborn body, especially if the delivery was difficult and utilized instruments such as forceps.  The cervical area of the spine is the last to develop in a baby and therefore greater care must be taken.  When a newborn is adjusted, the Chiropractor will make gentle adjustments with their hands.  Babies who suffer with colic, sleeplessness, allergies, curvature of the spine, etc., can benefit greatly from chiropractic care.  PLEASE make sure to be adjusted yourself, first, before you have your children adjusted.  PLEASE remember to make sure the chiropractor has adjusted children before.  One of our former chiropractors used to make hospital calls to the newborns of his patients!

A well adjusted spine leads to good health!!!

Do you have a personal success story seeing a chiropractor?