1st Principle Group


Gospel-Centered Counseling, Coaching, & Training


Providing a unique, Christ-centered approach to counseling, coaching, and training since 2008.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with the ability to meet via satellite office, 1st Principle Group facilitates the healing and growth of clients all across the world. Our Christian counseling and coaching professionals have helped thousands of people become "more than conquerors" through a variety of dynamic sessions. From teenagers to parents, professionals to business owners, we can help you discover who you are, wrestle with what you're struggling with, and create avenues for you to thrive in the world. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every client and customize our support to meet your individual needs and concerns.

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Our glory is hidden in our pain, if we allow God to bring the gift of Himself in our experience of it.
— Henri Nouwen


Areas of Practice



Counseling is about healing. Often it is about resolving some issue in the past in order to make the present better. We believe lasting change starts in the heart as we apply the Gospel to all areas of our lives.



Coaching is about growth. We partner with clients who are stuck in an area of life and/or have a goal they want to accomplish (but often don't know how to get there!) and help them move forward from there.



Our programs are designed to help clients gain knowledge, insights, and wisdom as well as understanding in how to apply it to their lives. We can utilize programs as the basis for any counseling or coaching service.