1st Principle Group


tapping into growth to meet life goals


Coaching is about growth.

Are there areas in life where you're feeling stuck? We would love to partner with you. A coaching engagement equips you with the tools to clarify and activate the goals you want to accomplish. 

Leverage any of our Programs as a base curriculum to uncover the root of why you're stuck, understand what is getting in the way, and move toward bigger and better things or jump into an engagement and see what unfolds organically as you progress.


Life Coaching

At 1PG, we believe that all individuals have the ability to create more sustainable, joy-oriented lives. Sometimes, though, we can't seem to get out of our own way! Enter Life Coaching. Life Coaching is a platform to help identify potential areas of growth and develop a plan to meet life goals. Reach out today to learn more!

Laser COaching

Like Life Coaching, our Laser Coaching sessions focus on identifying goals and removing obstacles to realize a more fulfilled life - but in a shorter format. Structured in 30 minutes increments, Laser Coaching allows less space for the unimportant and creates focus on the primary components of an issue or goal.

Group COaching

Group Coaching allows for the insights of life coaching while building a community of growth-minded peers. In leveraging this platform, individuals reap the benefits of creating a network of accountability that facilitates growth and healing as well as give one another safe avenues to practice vulnerability.