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Call & Design

God has created you to do something specific for the glory of His Kingdom. Your unique history and self contribute to your ability to accomplish it. Do you know your purpose and how you were designed to fulfill it? Our proprietary Call & Design program was created by 1PG counselors and coaches to help people discover and pursue their true calling.

Reignite Your Faith

Faith can be a fickle thing. Even the most steadfast and loyal of servants can find it difficult to keep their eyes on God when the world often demands so much of us as well. Engage in our Reignite Your Faith program to rediscover your desire for Christ and reawaken the fire you experienced in the early days of your salvation and relationship with Him.

Gospel-Centered Weight Loss

For those struggling with their weight and have sought various diets to little or no lasting success, it is time to change the approach. The habits that lead to this struggle often originate from roots that changing behaviors alone will not fix. By turning to the Gospel and reframing what our bodies were intended for, you can create lasting transformation, inside and out.

Call & Design | For Students

Imagine a world where people discover their calling and intentionally make decisions in pursuit of that calling at a young age... how much more purposeful their adult lives could be! Based on the original 1PG program, Call & Design for Students aims to help the next generation of professionals cast a vision for their future in order to create lives of meaning.

Who Am I? | Macro + Micro

Am I living out of who I am? It's a question that millions of people around the world find themselves asking on a daily basis. Built around the idea that our identities are rooted in Christ, our Macro + Micro Who Am I Program addresses the harder questions of our being and creates clarity around who we were each designed and intended to be.

Core Coaching Certification

Do you have a heart and passion for people and growth? Are you interested in becoming a coach in order to serve others? Our Core Coaching Certification program may be for you! With ample opportunity to learn from and practice with certified and experienced coaches, this 1PG programs will help prepare you for the next phase in your career.