1st Principle Group


restoring lives through relationship


Counseling is about healing.

Lasting change starts when we apply the Gospel to our hearts and then let it impact the other areas of our lives. As such, we do not believe in short-term solutions. Our goal is to help clients experience real change through the exploration of relationships, conflict, behavioral patterns, and the insights that come from purposeful attention paid to often-unexamined and overlooked areas of the human experience.

We offer counseling on a variety of topics, including but not limited to: relationships, marriage, conflict resolution, adolescent issues, setting boundaries, overcoming anxiety, depression therapy, drug addiction, eating disorders, trauma recovery, pornography addiction, sex addiction, divorce recovery, adoption, grief counseling.

We also offer various platforms for counseling and work with you to identify the best avenue for your healing and growth.


Personal Counseling

Our Gospel-centered focus allows 1PG counselors to tackle hard conversations (infidelity, addiction, etc.) through the lens of grace. With faith as the basis, we work with clients to recognize their brokenness, find forgiveness and healing, and build lives that are thriving and sustainable.

Group Counseling

In Group Counseling, participants with similar struggles come together to learn from both a counselor and one another. In doing so, individuals mutually create a space where people exercise courage by being vulnerable and build a community of safety among those who are a part of the group.



Pre-marital Counseling

As most newlyweds learn early on (and likely hear about beforehand), marriage is hard! That's where Pre-marital Counseling comes in. Intentionally preparing for marriage helps couples take their vows with a deeper understanding of how to love and serve one another and make their marriage work.

Gospel-Centered Counseling for Church Leaders

Leading and serving God's people is joyful and tiring work, and 1PG is committed to serving those who are dedicated to our Savior. Gospel-centered Counseling for Church Leaders gives these leaders a safe space to heal their pain, wrestle with their own internal battles, and grow in their leadership.